And have a good time...

...yet light and flexible enough to perform with, and not against the athlete.



Team Uniforms

Extraordinary play ought to be paired with singular style. We'll dress your volleyball team to the nines...and the possiblities are endless. 3D flourishes, ~30,000 colors, exclusive designs, inter alia. Keep it clean & classy or peacock prodigiously. Have it your way, every which way.

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About Us


VOLLER Beach Volleyball apparel was born during the lockdown of 2020. We three “brothers” put our passion for beachwear to the page, sketching designs and developing a wealth of prototypes, whilst gleaning the market for only the very best materials. After 14 months of tedious preproduction, VOLLER placed its first bulk order.
Voller is the creation of Stein & Erik Willanger and Drew deVry.

We grew up together in the 80s. Absorbed the 90s. Relished the 2000s. And came of age in the 2010s


But it was in the mid 90s when we fell in love with beach volleyball. Year after year, we settled for a mishmash of rigid surf shorts, milk-toast swim trunks & gym shorts, or baggy basketball shorts. But the years of settling had become intolerable. So, we embarked on a mission to engineer shorts that we actually wanted to wear for our sport. Through trial-and-error, prototype after prototype...EUREKA! A custom-milled, ultra-premium blend of exotic 4-way-stretch material that sings. And thus it was: the VOLLER Sand Short became...and now is

Check out the Beach Volleyball App, made by friends of The Voller.